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We realized that we would never get to do all of the things weMud Volcano in Northern Colombia! dreamed of doing unless we just took off and did them. So, we did. This is a chronicle of all of the stuff that has happened since. Our favorite thing to do is go where we’ve never been, so we left Alameda, California in August of 2009 with the idea of traveling for a year. More than 5 years and 19 countries later, we’re still going…

The cast of characters includes:


IMG_0848-1 angela*  mom, food label inspector, voice of reason (?)
music: Bishop Allen, Okkervil River, The El Orbits
movies: Super Troopers, Caddy Shack, Elf
reading: everything on my Kindle
jasondad, rocket scientist, all-around good guy.
music:  Trojan Ska, Built to Spill, Wilco, Yo La Tengo, Flaming Lips
movies: Hands on a Hard Body (look it up!)
reading: The Bentley Manual
IMG_0673 bode  kid, 9, Founder and Principal of Bodeswell.org
music: Beastie Boys, The Muppets, The Sippy Cups, The Kinks
movies: The Iron Giant, Goldeneye
reading: Encyclopedia Brown, Harry Potter
countries visited: 29

*actual passport photos


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