Around All Saints

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Baja is mostly arid desert, so it doesn’t rain very much. But, it did our first few weeks here. So much that some ranas made an appearance. I’m not quite sure where they go the rest of the year.

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This is the stretch of beach is just over the sand dunes from our casita. About a 20 second walk from our front door. It was a random choice, but we’re feeling pretty lucky about where we landed.

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Our little accident on the drive down put a sizable ding on the window frame above the windshield. We hammered it into shape to fit the new windshield. It will need some major bodywork at some point in the distant future. A big hole lets the rain in. For now, blobs of RTV will have to suffice.

One of the hot issues around here is a mining operation that wants to come in. It’s been “approved” and the locals are furious – can’t blame ’em – it sneaked in through some back door. The opposition movement is vocal and persistent – I have feeling they’re going to win this one. Eventually.

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Fish tacos. Shrimp tacos. Yes and yes. This little place on the highway in Pescadero has been our favorite so far.

We don’t have a pool, but the big house next door does!

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Tres Marias started a new Saturday special: beer and a haircut for 100 pesos. Genius.

They suffered significant damage from the hurricane and have been working to rebuild every day since. Tuesday marks the one month anniversary. They’re not ready, but they’re going to ‘open’ anyway just for the occasion. We’ll be there.

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2 thoughts on “Around All Saints

  • October 15, 2014 at 8:05 AM

    Can you sent us tacos or post up some recipes ? No better place to eat Fish tacos then in B.C.S.

  • October 20, 2014 at 5:38 PM

    They’re not ALL magic tacos. But some are pretty close 😉

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