The Central Coast

From Monterey, we headed south down Highway 1 along the Pacific coast. Even in August, the weather is chilly and the fog is present most of the day.

The drive is windy and slow, and perfect for gazing over the rocky cliffs and looking for secluded beaches. Several times, we were able to see whales breaching off the coast and pulled over to watch them while making lunch.

DSC_6310 DSC_6323 DSC_6328 DSC_6341 DSC_6347 DSC_6350

There is an elephant seal viewing area, where we joined hundreds of other tourists to get a look. They were much closer than I got in Argentina.  And a little more active as well.

DSC_6354 DSC_6362 DSC_6369 DSC_6375 DSC_6395 DSC_6405

We’re slowly getting back into the swing of being back on the road again. But each day, we find there is something that we need we no longer have. When we shipped the bus back from Colombia, it had to be empty, so we donated most of our things. The airline also lost 1 large bag of Jason’s. At the time, we couldn’t really figure out what exactly was missing besides his hiking boots and some dirty clothes. Now, I realize it was our cooking pot, a few of our decent knives and some other kitchen odds and ends.

DSC_6410 DSC_6421 DSC_6423 DSC_6435

GoWesty had hooked us up with three great sets of bamboo utensils, but somehow after a few weeks on the road, we’re missing a fork. Jason and Bode have decided it was MY fork that went missing, and keep giving me a spoon at every meal. Yes, you can eat a pork chop with a spoon.

3 thoughts on “The Central Coast

  • September 1, 2014 at 9:16 PM

    That made me laugh! Every (wo)man for himself in the bus! We lost two spoons in our travels. Cereal with a fork is possible.

  • September 2, 2014 at 7:48 AM

    We only take spoons and knives on interior canoe trips, if you can’t eat it with a spoon and knife, you’re just not hungry enough..

    That being said I wouldn’t want to do that for more than a couple of days…

  • September 2, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    Was Red Beard’s older brother in pic 4 a camper, too? The fam and I just spent 8 days in the San Diego area (too short) and you’re making me miss it already. Keep on truckin’

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