I was lucky to have a follow up with an ophthalmologist one day later – he found more stuff in my eye. It was orange, so possibly it was rust. Definitely go to an an ophthalmologist – they have better tools than the ER (I told those guys I could still feel something in there!)

Things are still blurry, but he told me everything should heal up and I’ll get my vision back –  only a minor degradation, if any – and to not come back. He also said, “don’t have any hobbies – they’re dangerous.”

Angela has been great taking care of me and has discovered a new game – take the guy with no depth perception to eat difficult meals. Pho was a nice choice. She’s good.

One thought on “MonoVision

  • October 14, 2013 at 7:00 AM

    Please be more careful and always wear eye protection. (My dad cut his thumb OFF last week on a chopsaw.) Adventures are more fun with two eyes.

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