From the border, it’s a straight shot to the coast at Riohacha.

We stopped in the town of Maicao to look for an ATM with no luck. This is a pretty sketchy place, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Assuming you’ve got plenty of fuel, you can turn north and drive on the dirt up to Cabo de la Vela and the beaches beyond it. This would be the ‘northernmost point in South America.’ It’s a thing. We’ve heard the beaches are interesting, but it’s difficult to reach and mostly empty wind-swept desert. I think the past 8 months of beach time has cured us of wanting to seek out remote beaches for the time being.

We finally hit Riohacha at sunset (we left Coro at 6 AM) and crashed after a long day.

It was a brief stop – we headed out the next morning. But, not before Bode scaled what is likely the most climbed palm tree in Colombia. And, Angela shopped.

DSC_1870 DSC_1876 DSC_1879 DSC_1883 DSC_1898DSC_1891

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