Twenty minutes from the hot springs is the town of Yanque, a beautiful Andean town. Somehow, we ended up with all the kids and followed the T5. No tourists here, as most folks pass through on their way to Cruz del Condor.

We waited around the square while Fred found us a place to camp, with access to a bathroom and hot shower of a hotel that was under construction. We pulled in to find a huge lot, an alpaca and several dogs. The kids immediately set to building a castle with the rocks lying about, and we knew we weren’t going anywhere for a bit.

The plan was to sleep here and grab a bus in the morning all the way to Cabanaconde. We could have driven it easily, but we would just have to park and leave the vehicle for the following night anyway.


One thought on “Yanque

  • April 20, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    Beautiful pictures (as always), of the kids…both of the Peruvians, and Bode and friends, in the bus.

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