An Oasis

We found a true oasis in the desert. Really.

San Ignacio is known as the date palm oasis, out in the middle of miles and miles of desert. There wasn’t much scenery on the way here, but the Transpeninsular Highway was smooth and easy. The town is beautiful, with palms and water and fruits. Dates are the big deal here, and we walked by a small store where a woman was making date cookies, pies and bread. It smelled wonderful. She even made us a batch of cookies without milk or eggs so Bode could have some too.

DSC_9576 DSC_9598

DSC_9584 DSC_9586

We ran around the town square, there were a few little girls giggling at Bode trying to speak Spanish. There were some teenage girls who just had to touch his curly blond hair. We tried explaining to him that not many people in Mexico have blond hair, but he got confused and later asked why people here didn’t have curly hair.

DSC_9587 DSC_9590

DSC_9592 DSC_9578

After many nights in the bus, we decided to splurge on a little more space and stretch out a bit. We read about a cottage that rents rooms that look over a beautiful garden (Casa Leree), so we nabbed the last room. It’s tranquil and serene – an oasis in the oasis.

About half way through the date cookies, Bode told us that it was making him sick. I ate the other half, and we headed to the room to do some reading and vegging out.  It was Super Bowl Sunday, so Jason went out to a local restaurant to watch the game.

Still wondering if it was possible to be allergic to dates, I was a little surprised when I was reading a book to him and he threw up all over me. Then the bed. Then the floor.  So, that was my Super Bowl Sunday… probably still better than Peyton Manning’s.

Anyway, from the sound of it Jason had a great time. The game was all in Spanish, no  super bowl ads, and with a lot of Mexicans who didn’t speak English. Everyone asked him who his team was and he was going with El Santos from the start.

The best part was probably that he had no idea what was going on at the hotel.

DSC_9602 DSC_9611

DSC_9612 DSC_9613

DSC_9614 DSC_9775

3 thoughts on “An Oasis

  • February 16, 2010 at 5:54 PM

    i’m guessing date-barf is less gross than chili cheese dip-barf which i could have EASILY barfed up on superbowl sunday. ummmmm, chili cheeses dip!

  • February 16, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    Perhaps ALOT better than throwing up inside Redbeard!
    Sorry about your & Bode’s Superbowl Sunday – hope he’s back to feeling better! Go Saints!

  • February 16, 2010 at 9:17 PM

    Yes- I kept thinking that I was so glad we were in a cottage and not in the bus! Miss you guys! Meet us somewhere in Mexico soon 😉

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