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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Posted on August 12, 2009 by 4 Comments

Apologies for not posting recently, but we’ve been beyond busy . There are house projects, packing, storing, selling stuff… and the van still isn’t ready. We are also making every effort to see our friends, and that included a very fun party Friday night. We did manage to clean out our liquor cabinet, but ended up with more food than we started with.

Speaking of ending up with more, yesterday was not very productive.  Jason’s new VW buddy, Chris, was kind enough to come over for the ‘final’ tune up. Now the the van is running great. Meanwhile, inside the van Bode was playing with tools and tore several holes in the back seat’s upholstery.

Later, when we occupied him with computer games, he downloaded viruses that took Jason 3 hours to clean up. Needless to say, he was frustrated.  A bit exhausted, Jason laid down (collapsed) to rest for a while and got an unexpected nurse.  In perhaps his first ever significant sign of empathy, Bode sat down next to Jason and began rubbing his back… followed by a big hug.  It worked.

Jason has had to work all week, so things at the home front are moving slowly anyway. Thanks to the help of several of our friends I am still hopeful we will be out of the house when the renters move in on Friday.  No, we will be out.  Whether we get the van ready and sell two cars will determine if we get to leave the Bay Area.

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Posted on August 7, 2009 by No Comments

Jason and I have been married 11 years and in that time have tried very hard to avoid quarreling or cursing at each other. This week the obscenities have flown.

So much for not feeling the stress of packing up and leaving . I’m sure that living for a year or so in tight quarters will remedy that.

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Goodbye Wordly Possesions

Posted on July 28, 2009 by 4 Comments

We spent all of last week getting ready for the yard sale. We had piles and piles of things in the basement, and Friday we tried our best to organize them.

I hate having yard sales, and Saturday morning I remembered exactly why. The sale was to start at 9 (no early birds, please!) and people were there by 8. Not just people walking by, but the yard sale professionals. They were there, bargaining, looking disgusted at our things and rolling their eyes at our prices. But they still bought it.

One of Jason’s super hero traits is an unbelievable amount of patience. While I found many different reasons to go inside and get away from it all, Jason was out bargaining with the skills of a border town street vendor. All I can say is, way to go. We did great.

Although we made more than we were expecting, we had tons and tons of crap left. An entire garage full, plus some things we forgot to put out. So we reposted our signs and held another sale on Sunday.
The second day was much more laid back, and I was able to stay out there all day.  Unbelievably, we sold almost as much as we did the first day, even though everything had already been picked through.

The two best parts of the weekend? A VW not in my driveway, and all this crap out of my life.

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Good Riddance

Posted on July 6, 2009 by 1 Comment

Why am I packing and storing 35 plastic promotional cups, but not a single real glass?

Texas Championship Rose Bowl Cup, Happy New Year 1999!, and Wurstfest: A 10-day Salute to Sausage… you cups will be packed safely away.  All other drinkware – wine glasses, coffee mugs, pint glasses, highballs, lowballs, beer mugs, pilsner glasses,  and the ever-lingering sippy cups…  garage sale or donation pile for you!

All of the things I was dreading having to sort through seem so much easier to throw into the donation pile than I expected. All those clothes that never really fit right, but I held on to them because they were pricey — gone!   Those questionable clothing items that someone gave as a gift in the best intentions that I thought maybe some day I’ll wear in front of them – donation time.   Tiny tiny T-shirts with much loved band logos, that just really don’t fit a gal that’s had a baby — here ya go childless friend!

It’s quite liberating, actually. And, of course, I’m looking forward to replenishing my wardrobe some day. However,  shoes are another story.  Jason’s current packing argument with me: quantity of shoes.  Our desired number of shoes per person are 4 pairs apart.


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Red Beard

Posted on June 30, 2009 by 1 Comment

It takes two vans to keep one running, or so the saying goes.

We are now on our second van, but this one hasn’t run since we bought it in March. It’s not that Jason hasn’t been working on it – it has been a near daily activity.

This 1971 red VW camper was literally a piece of crap when we bought it. It was impounded by Oakland police and sold at auction. We bought it from a guy who had supposedly cleaned it out. The inside had to be stripped clean, power-washed and scrubbed. And this van was in a little bit better shape than the first van.

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Away We Go

Posted on June 18, 2009 by No Comments

We have to be out by August 14.  Out of our house…

Although we have talked about this for months, the path is now laid and we must move on in 50 days.

I thought the (secret) purchase of a VW van last year was just a result of a midlife crisis. Within weeks he was talking about a major road trip.

A trip of a lifetime. For months it has been in the back of our mind. But now, as of tonight, the lease for our house has been signed.  The curtains and appliances stay – everything else has to go.

Oh the list of things to do. So, what do we do tonight?  We drink a bottle of wine and watch a chick flick.

Tomorrow, we start the purge, the plans, the chaos.

The story has been told to some friends and family. There has been a lot of worry and/or excitement from both. This site will help to keep those interested in our whereabouts and adventures informed.

Bode: To indicate by signs, foretell.

A good beginning bodes well….

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Posted on February 6, 2009 by No Comments

It couldn’t happen. Not yet at least. There was no way, without a van we could rent out the house and be gone in 6 weeks. And so, we’re looking to summer.

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