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Give the Kid a Camera

Posted on November 30, 2012 by 3 Comments

And he’ll give to another kid. And so on. Eventually, it comes back.


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Cerro Arequita

Posted on November 29, 2012 by 6 Comments

We set up camp at Cerro Arequita, as did hundreds of others. They came in busloads and quickly filled the mini-cabanas and campsites.  A little loud, but mostly people just walked by and stared at us. We seemed to be something of a curiosity.

The campsite was in a beautiful hill country location, quite a bit different from the coast we’ve been on only 50 miles away.  Our favorite part was a really odd assortment of animals they had in a large pen near the entrance. I did not know that these animals could peacefully coexist. Well, all but the peacock who seemed to rule the roost and terrify even the goats.

Jason went to work on a few bus projects, namely repairing my seat again (yay!) and fabricating a steering coupler.

Bode and I joined Karman, our German friend for a horseback ride. It started well, but ended with Bode rashy and teary-eyed. Apparently, he is allergic to horses (this one, anyway)  and/or the sheepskin saddle.  Lo horible!

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The Scenic Route

Posted on November 28, 2012 by 7 Comments

From Minas, we took a drive towards Villa Serrana. The back way, of course.

More rolling hills and a very nice slow drive. Along the way is a waterfall – Salto del Penitente. Not nearly as exciting as we had hoped. Bode has a theory on waterfalls that increasingly proves accurate.

The highlight was finding pools of tadpoles at various stages of development and inspecting them all. Biology class: check.

Flocks of parrots. And, a meal-sized lizard too – if anyone can identify it, you get extra credit for biology class.

We finally made it to Villa Serrana and it’s description proved correct: a tranquil little town with a small lake. It was nice, but didn’t really hold our attention for very long. So, we headed back towards Minas and found a campsite just north of town at Cerro Arequita.