If you’re interested in following along, bemused by the whole idea, or chagrined by our antics, please consider helping us out. We’re interested in making new friends, travel recommendations, general tips, donations, beer and pizza, a couch to sleep on, etc. Drop us a note and let us know what you think!


We’re not too proud to beg. This trip will end when we run out of money. Sad but true. Click the button below to get started. We appreciate your help!

Buy Stuff!

We’re an affiliate. That means that if you click any of the Amazon links on our blog, we’ll get a commission if you buy anything from them within 24 hours of your click. No additional cost to you. We just get a little kickback for sending you their direction. You were probably going to buy stuff from them anyway, so it’s a win-win!

Beer and Pizza!

Check our route. If we’re somewhere in the vicinity or look like we’re headed your way, let us know if you want to split a pizza and swap stories at your (kid friendly) local favorite spot.


Do you have an amazing vacation home up in the mountains and you need someone to go check on things, do some handyman work, etc. I’m your guy. Of course, we’d like to stay for a few days and appreciate why you picked that spot, but we can work something out! Do you know somebody who knows somebody? Give them a call!

We’re creative. Want to actually get something for your donation? Add a note when you submit your donation and we can provide the following…

For a meager $1 donation, we’ll take a photo just for you. You’ll be the only person to see it and we’ll delete any record of it. Do whatever you want with it. Your own personal BodesWell memory for only a buck!

For a measly $5, we’ll send you an actual postcard from somewhere along our trip. Written by hand… witness our actual penmanship! Impress your friends!

For only $10, we’ll send someone ELSE a postcard from somewhere along our trip… from YOU. Imagine something like this… “Sorry I couldn’t attend your step-nephew’s briss, but I was spending a long weekend in Patagonia…”
We won’t tell anyone.

Got any better ideas? send them in.
Do you work for a company interested in sponsoring an unconventional family driving The Americas? Let us know!


A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.

–  Tim Cahill

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