Big in Sweden

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thumbnail image 检查了这一点 - we're in the latest issue of Volkswagen Magasin!

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Back to the Centennial State

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thumbnail image Nickname: The Centennial State Capital: Denver State bird: Lark bunting State flower: Aquilegia caerulea Motto: Nil sine numine State tree: Blue spruce Population: 5.268 million (2013) "I've been from Tucson to Tucumcari Tehachapi to Tonapah..." Little Feat


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Even More Bus Stuff

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thumbnail image I had sprayed some WD40 down the accelerator tube to try to force the water out the other end. It didn't really work, but I had hoped it would at least drop the freezing point of whatever was in there. It might have accomplished something, but it still froze again this morning. Everything in the ...


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thumbnail image There's a first time for everything. This morning was cold. Just about everything was frozen. When I went to start the bus, the gas pedal was as hard as a rock. I've never had this happen before. 所以, what freezes on a gas pedal? 没什么. After a little poking around and crawling under the bus, 它 ...

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Bryce Canyon

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thumbnail image Just outside of Zion on the way to Bryce Canyon is a tunnel. A long tunnel. A long unlit tunnel. A long unlit tunnel where we discovered our headlights didn't work. 惊! I thought I 'fixed' the headlights only a few months ago! There was a bit of panic as that little bit of daylight ...


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Telephone Canyon

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thumbnail image   ...


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Camping Zion

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thumbnail image We're beat. Time to take a break from driving and check out Zion National Park....


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