Camping Zion

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thumbnail image We're beat. Time to take a break from driving and check out Zion National Park....


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thumbnail image From Vegas, we cruised up through that funny corner of Arizona. You can't get here from anywhere in Arizona. Dan, we pointed towards Springdale and Zion National Park. We were a little worried that it would be ...


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Vegas Street Art

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thumbnail image We were pleasantly surprised to see art in Vegas. Not in galleries, but on the streets. Some of the coolest stuff we've seen on downtown streets since Valparaiso. ...


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The Fremont Experience

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thumbnail image We went for a little walk around downtown at night so Bode could get a better sense of what this city is about. It's one of those places that continuously appears in movies and now video games, so he thinks he has an idea of what it's like. It's supposed to be AMAZING. Natuurlijk, being here is something completely ...


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thumbnail image It's funny how quickly we forget. Being back in the U.S. means that I have to pump my own gasoline and I'm forced to watch TV commercials while I do it. En, airplanes overhead - veel van hen. I haven't seen an airplane in 3 maanden. ...


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TJ Crossing

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thumbnail image It didn't occurred to me that I've never driven across the border from Mexico into the U.S. until I started getting close. Tijuana was our first try. We got lost. Driving around Tijuana wasn't so bad, maar ...

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Back to Ensenada

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thumbnail image We booked it all the way back to Ensenada in one long day. Every hour I pulled over to monitor the oil leak. Still leaking. I can't fix it either, since you need a special tool to get the oil filler off and all my attempts at fashioning a tool on the fly haven't worked....

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