A Quick Recapen Français!

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thumbnail image I don't care who you are... it's always cool to get a random invitation to France. Sébastien wrote a bit about our little trip for his website and was kind enough to invite us over when we finally make it to Europe. Bien sûr! Brush up on your French here....

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thumbnail image We had the bright idea of getting out of town to avoid the crowds during the Spring Break rush. と, we figured we could rent out our condo for a little extra travel cash while we were away. It worked a little too well. With only a few days' notice, we got a request for an 8-night ...


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thumbnail image After about the third time that Bode came home and bragged about skiing The Cirque, I decided it was finally time that his old man gave it a whirl. My buddy Scott was up for the weekend and we figured it was as good a time as any. The hike starts at over 12,000 フィート (~3700 m) and winds around ...


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thumbnail image With pie charts and everything. And it's not even close to zero.

Sledding Boulder

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thumbnail image One day we're barefoot in the grass and basking in the sunshine. The next day there's a foot of snow. ...


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thumbnail image We were a bit out of practice on the camping. We literally forgot to bring water. 幸いにも, the state park had amenities. 後で, we made up for our lack of preparation with a $0.99 breakfast and free coffee at the nearby IKEA. IKEA camping hack? 多分. 彼らは持っている $0.99 hot dogs for lunch too. Just ...


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thumbnail image The frugality experiment has been really eye-opening. We've been really good about not buying anything non-essential while we are sitting around Winter Park during a snowstorm. But as they do, the bills started coming in. We hardly drive the bus at all here, but both the bus insurance and registration were due this month, として ...

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