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thumbnail image It's funny how quickly we forget. Being back in the U.S. means that I have to pump my own gasoline and I'm forced to watch TV commercials while I do it. E, airplanes overhead - molti di loro. I haven't seen an airplane in 3 mese. ...


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TJ Crossing

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thumbnail image It didn't occurred to me that I've never driven across the border from Mexico into the U.S. until I started getting close. Tijuana was our first try. We got lost. Driving around Tijuana wasn't so bad, ma ...

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Back to Ensenada

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thumbnail image We booked it all the way back to Ensenada in one long day. Every hour I pulled over to monitor the oil leak. Still leaking. I can't fix it either, since you need a special tool to get the oil filler off and all my attempts at fashioning a tool on the fly haven't worked....

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San Ignacio Oasis

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thumbnail image Just a little bit of apprehension driving today on the same stretch of pavement where we had our little accident. Narrow lanes, big trucks, and not much in the way of a shoulder. We pulled into San ...


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Santa Rosalia

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thumbnail image The last time we were here, we just had our windshield smashed in. This time was a little more relaxed. There really isn't much going on here, but it's a good place to stop and load up ...


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Bahía Concepción Beaches

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thumbnail image We finally got moving off of El Requesón, but not before we were visited by the tchotchke truck. When in season, there are lots of these guys that drive around and provide servies to campers. Some are useful: the fish guy, the bread guy, the water guy, the fruit guy. We just got the tourist ...

The Endorsement: Cyclops Apollo

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thumbnail image Our buddy Bob left us with a nifty gift: The Cyclops Apollo. We don't really have any fancy glamping gear, so this is a nice little upgrade from our cheapo headlamps. It's an excellent compact flashlight in a sturdy aluminum sleeve. The beauty is that the lens mount slides up and it turns into a lantern. If ...


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