Los Caballos

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thumbnail image When we arrived at our casita, we were told to always keep the gates closed. Hmmm... safety issues? Crime? Peligroso? No, no, no we were told. There are horses that wander the neighborhood and they'll come in and eat all the plants in the yard. ...

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El Tortuguero

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thumbnail image It was our first evening at the casita and we walked to the beach to catch a phenomenal sunset. We thoroughly lucked out in that there was a turtle sanctuary right across the sand dunes. This was the first night of the turtle release. I explained that we would like to help, and they told ...

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¿Qué es la Gran Odile

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thumbnail image This was the blog post I wrote the day after Hurricane Odile hit. We lost power and internet, so I never published it. Everyone in town was hoping that Hurricane Odile would change directions and head west, as Hurricane Norbert did last week. We had gone in to town the day before it was to hit ...


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Rock Me Like A Hurricane

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thumbnail image We're perpetually behind on the blog - three weeks to be exact. Let me skip ahead. Tan, we're in Todos Santos having a great time and minding our own business... and get hit by a hurricane. Yo ...

The Home Stretch

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thumbnail image We just drove 550 km down Baja with a shattered windshield. The packing tape trick worked pretty well - we had to re-patch it a few times. We're still cleaning up new glass shards that appear every day, but it's no biggie. ...

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Baja: to come down

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thumbnail image The entire area on the Sea of Cortez (a.k.a. la "Gulf of California"en México) south of Santa Rosalia is awesome. We could camp up and down the Bahía Concepción and the rest of the coast for quite a while. Pero, we're on a mission to replace some glass and to get to Todos Santos. Through a ...

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La Parabrisa

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thumbnail image After a night of camping south of Santa Rosalia, we headed into town to ask the obvious question: anybody got a windshield? The new Spanish word for the day is parabrisa. We did a bit of a goose chase and even visited a yonke, but came up empty handed. The consensus response was that we ...

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