Crossing B.C.

From Jasper, we had a decision to make. Initially, we figured we’d drive up the Al-Can Highway. Looking at the map more closely, we didn’t see many places we were interested in stopping, so we figured the CAssier might be abetter choise – way over on the West Coast. So, we hit the road.

We passed by, but did not see the top of Mt. Robson, and later pulled over for a night in Valemount. The mosquitos are starting to appear in droves, but we’re convincing ourselves they’ll go away soon. Jalousie screen repairs were performed.

From there it was another long haul (for us) to Vanderhoof for another night, then across to Smithers and another full-day’s drive. One moose and several bears spotted roadside.

Smithers is a tidy little town with a municipal campsite down by the river with all the amenities (a city campsite with wifi!) We managed to get “caught up” on most of our lists, perfect the camp bread technique and unsuccessfully test our Alaskan mosquito strategy.

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