Coeur d’Alene

Sweet town, Coeur d’Alene. Beautiful lakeside neighborhoods. Awesome playgrounds. Lots of thrift shops and funky stores. Five – count ’em – FIVE sushi restaurants. We ate at three of them. One has $10 BOTTLES of wine on Wednesdays. Haven’t seen anything like that since Mendoza.

They’re just starting to build upwards, so now might be the time to move here before the rents skyrocket and everyone else finds out about it.

DSC_1210 DSC_1216 DSC_1223 DSC_1228

DSC_1237 IMG_2077

We found another free campground between here and Sandpoint at Shepherd Lake a la The freebies are out there if you look for them.

I met two teenage girls on the pier who decided to go fishing for the afternoon. Just them. Yeah, that happens alot. In Idaho.

DSC_1242 IMG_2079 IMG_2082 IMG_2090

One thought on “Coeur d’Alene

  • June 1, 2015 at 6:05 AM

    Nice, I’ve been to CdA a couple of times. My employer has offices all over the world, Sydney Aus and Coeur d’Alene are the only ones I’d consider a transfer to.

    It has a nice downtown, you don’t see much of that these days.

    Welcome to Canada. Alcohol and insurance are expensive.

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