Still in Wyoming

We’d pretty much run through the list of things to do in Thermopolis, so an ‘educational’ tour of a distillery for Bode was one of the last things left. Just my luck it was a whiskey distillery.

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We drove out of town about 15 minutes, and were a world away. Wyoming’s only distillery, aptly named Wyoming Whiskey, is located in the farmland community of Kirby, WY.

We have more than a passing interest in whiskey making. Mine is merely drinking it, but Jason likes the science and fairly easy laws in Colorado for distilling. It’s been discussed. This, along with a mech. suit and robot dog design company that Bode wants to found. We’ve got options.

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Anyway, Wyoming Whiskey produces handmade small-batches but it’s facility is incredibly large and impressive. We were early for the hourly tour, so made lunch and ate outside the gift shop.

The tour was pretty interesting to the grown ups, but a bit fast and dull for a 10 year-old. Jason was able to explain the distilling process to Bode later, with examples of how else it can be used besides booze.

At the end, we were offered a tasting and instructions on how to drink straight whiskey. Who knew I’d been doing it all wrong. It was quite tasty, but at $42 a bottle, it was a little over budget. Maybe next year, if we have jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Still in Wyoming

  • May 12, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    Was waiting for someone else to ask the question, but what are we all doing wrong when drinking whiskey?

  • May 18, 2015 at 8:10 PM

    Well, you have to take a small sip first- to wash out all other flavors in your mouth. Then you sip it, even if it is in a shot glass. You can’t just shoot the whole shot down like it’s Spring Break!

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