Several weeks ago we had an awesome visit from some familiar BodesWell characters.

We first met Simon and M.C. on the road back in Argentina, then proceeded to travel as a VW bus and motorcycle gang to Ushuia and most of the way back up to Buenos Aires. Ah, good times. Seems like a long time ago. It also seems like yesterday.

They came down from Quebec to ride in some sunshine. Colorado delivered.

1501316_10152946973905873_1077830025584620_o IMG_1718 IMG_4654 IMG_4686

We caught up, we snowboarded, we soaked in hot springs, we learned dirty words in French, we snow-biked, we threw some pigs, we cooked, we attempted to have Bode teach us the most difficult game ever created, and just generally hung out and had a good time.

The ball’s in our court now: Quebec is on the destination map.




One thought on “Visiteurs

  • February 16, 2015 at 7:45 AM

    “threw some pigs” ? Pictures ? 😛

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