It’s funny how quickly we forget. Being back in the U.S. means that I have to pump my own gasoline and I’m forced to watch TV commercials while I do it. And, airplanes overhead – lots of them. I haven’t seen an airplane in 3 months.

DSC_8592 DSC_8598

I was just a little surprised that there were so many hills on the way out of California towards Nevada. I recall someone telling me it was completely flat. It’s not. At least there was a dedicated slow lane most of the way. That was us.

DSC_8602 DSC_8605

It’s all empty desert until you get to the Nevada state line. There, built right up against the state line are plenty of casinos for the folks that just can’t wait to get their gamble on.

We kept rolling to Vegas. If you’ve been reading a while, you can probably guess that we’re not really the “Vegas baby!” types. Still, we came for the spectacle.

Besides, it’s on the way.

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