Isla Coronado

We finally figured out Loreto: the best part is out on the water.

IMG_1345 IMG_1362 IMG_1372 IMG_1334

We took a day trip out to Isla Coronado for some snorkeling – with los lobos del mar (literally: sea wolves). These guys are impressive to watch underwater. It’s actually amazing how they can be such oafish beasts on land, but so graceful and dextrous in the water. And, they’re really curious. Even if you keep your distance, they will come over for an up-close-up visit check you out. Sometimes, swimming right up to your mask for an eye-to-eye encounter. Cool stuff, but they’re so big it’s just a little bit unsettling to be face to face.

IMG_1377 IMG_1384 IMG_1387 IMG_1391

Afterwards, we took it a little easier with a cooler full of cold ones and a sandy beach on the other side of the island. Lot’s of shallow-water snorkeling and plenty of fish to keep everybody entertained between breaks under the palapa. This is more like it. Loreto gets better every day.

IMG_1406 IMG_1414 IMG_1438

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