Baja: to come down

The entire area on the Sea of Cortez (a.k.a. the “Gulf of California”in Mexico) south of Santa Rosalia is awesome. We could camp up and down the Bahía Concepción and the rest of the coast for quite a while. But, we’re on a mission to replace some glass and to get to Todos Santos. Through a friend of a friend, we’ve landed a little casita on the beach for the next 3 months, so that’s our destination.

DSC_6838 DSC_6847 DSC_6848 DSC_6854

We cruised through Mulege and stopped in Loreto for lunch – both are fair-sized towns with no auto glass shops. Ultimately, we settled to stop for the night in Ciudad Constitución. It’s a quiet middle-of-nowhere agricultural town that’s one of the bigger towns down here. Still, no glass shops. We called ahead to a shop in La Paz and they said they would have to order the new windshield and it would come from Tijuana. But, first we would have to go to the shop and put down a deposito.

DSC_6855 DSC_6859

2 thoughts on “Baja: to come down

  • September 19, 2014 at 1:12 PM

    Hi guys – Hope is all well, despite the broken windshield. Followed you for a long time now. Hoping that the beach casita you have planned on staying in is still there after the bashing from Hurricane Odile. Some of the news from Todos Santos is not good but it is always better when “someone” can report back that is really there!

    Good luck and we will watch for updates!

  • September 19, 2014 at 4:35 PM

    tem o projeto do carro, estou construindo um.
    preciso de ideias.

    sucesso….estou acompanhando vocês

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