Jason’s dad was stationed in Monterrey in the 50’s. He’s always loved the area, and especially the weather.

We met him here for a few days of reminiscing and wave watching. What we didn’t know when he booked his flight, was that this was Concours d’Elegance week- the most crowded week in the area. I’ve never heard of this, but from what I could tell, it was a bunch of rich, old white men driving their fancy cars around. Or, in a lot of cases, towing their old cars around.

We were able to luck into a hotel room that slept 3, so I camped in the parking lot surrounded by some rare Czech car and an Italian number.

We did a lot of Pacific Grove walking, and of course went to the excellent Monterrey Aquarium.

DSC_6296 DSC_6304 IMG_1226 IMG_3652 IMG_3665 IMG_3667 IMG_3669 IMG_3672 IMG_3681 IMG_3711 IMG_3713 IMG_3721

*Bode has been bugging us about wanting a job, so we suggested roof sea gull poop removing.

2 thoughts on “Monterey

  • August 26, 2014 at 12:56 AM

    Who has a jellyfish fetish ? 😛

  • August 26, 2014 at 7:52 AM

    Just as an FYI, Monterey CA has only one “r” – it’s the Monterrey in northern Mexico que tiene dos! While you were in Monterey (with one “r”) during auto week, did you check out the Concours d’Lemons. It’s an alternative car show for marques that, well shall we say aren’t likely to show up on the runway at the Pebble Beach concours or on a Barrett-Jackson auction. At the Concours d’Lemons you’ll see Pacers, Pintos, Cimarrons -well you get the idea. One year there was a collection of Peugeots, Renaults and Citroens in an area marked “Unmitigated Gaul.” It started as a cult event but it’s grown quite a bit to the point where it’s now sponsored by Hagerty classic car insurance and there are now several around the country including the original in Monterey.

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