Adams Falls

We decided to go on a short hike up to see Adams Falls. It’s technically inside Rocky Mountain National Park, but you start the hike from Grand Lake.

DSC_3792 DSC_3794

It’s not a long walk, but my mom and Mike were pretty sure we were trying to kill them. Hiking through the snow at elevation wasn’t really on their to-do list on this trip.

We were assured by someone in town that the falls were still going. They weren’t. Completely frozen over and covered in snow. We couldn’t even hear a trickle. Still, we made the best of it, got some fresh air and threw some snowballs.

DSC_3799 DSC_3801 DSC_3807 DSC_3815

One thought on “Adams Falls

  • March 4, 2014 at 8:46 AM

    I hope you were not to hard on them. Our mother isn’t as young as she used to be.

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