Despite living the snow for a while now, none of us have been particularly interested in cross country skiing. If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you may have noticed that cross country is the only sport where the competitors collapse en masse at the finish line. We’ve decided there is a perfectly good ski lift just a few miles down the road.

Today was a Dog Day’s of Winter thing in town and it included skikjøring.  This looks like fun. For you and your dogs.

IMG_0646 IMG_0661

There were 3 different races. One dog skijoring. Two dog skijoring. And… you know.

We were surprised to see the variety of dogs out here. Hounds seemed to be a good choice and possibly obeyed the best. Some were hunting dogs. Others were Alaskan hounds. Plenty were just mutts. According to one guy, “If you’ve got some dogs in the backyard, just strap ’em on and get going.”  This is sport we like.

IMG_0673 IMG_0675

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