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Red Beard has been driving surprisingly well, as the temperatures have been in the 20’s (F) and our tires seem to stick in the snow pretty well. However, the lights and blinkers are operating in some other dimension. I replaced the dimmer relay and the lights now work, but the brights/dimmer do not. The turn signals are temperamental, but might be related to the snow that is occasionally packed in the rear quarter panel over the wires.

DSC_3668 DSC_3676

Angela has managed to injure herself and is now in physical therapy 3 times a week. A first-world diagnosis if there ever was one – too much snowboarding. She’s coping by roasting Peeps over the fire.

DSC_3683 DSC_3696

Bode’s doing great, but a little dinged up. He got a new coach last week. His old coach would have them take off their skis and do push-ups in the snow to start the day, and we thought that was a little hard-core. Apparently not. The new coach pushed a little harder. Bode’s negative opinion: “He’s a coachy coach.”

Me, I still have a sore wrist and 2 numb fingers. It’s been 6 weeks and the numbness seems to be subsiding, so I’ll just keep waiting.

IMG_3262 DSC_3693

We’ve had a few visitors to keep things lively. Scott and Lula cam up from Boulder for the weekend and we had a dance party. It was also her first day on the slopes and she did great.

IMG_3261 IMG_3266

Suzanne came up from Houston and even had a Winter Park season pass at the ready. We didn’t waste any time hitting the slopes and the weather was fantastic. I think we’ve lucked out with a fairly mild January so far.


One thought on “Random Updates

  • January 28, 2014 at 4:36 AM

    3 injured and only Bode up and running at 100% ? Go Bode!

    Pushups ? Yeah a bit of a warm up is usefull but thats insane.

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