Imagine the brightest turquoise you can. That’s the color of the water here. But it isn’t’ just the color. There is a reef right off shore that goes along this coast for a few hundred miles. It makes the sea calm, and at low tide ‘natural pools’ appear. Tiny sailboats take you out for a snorkel.

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The camping in Maceio is pretty dismal. It exists in the city, so that’s good. It’s surrounded by hotels and condo buildings(i.e. we were able to use someone’s mystery wi-fi), but the owners seem to be waiting for an opportunity to come calling. The whole place is falling apart. But, there was Kevin, a 7-year old that Bode played with continuously. So, we ended up staying 3 nights despite it all.

We took the time to start a few of the projects on our every expanding bus project list. We didn’t get too far.

We attempted taking a city bus to the main beach in town, but soon realized we were on the way to Centro. Maceio is a big town, the capital of the State of Sergipe, and since we learned from the bus cashier that it would be a very long time before the bus would turn around, we had to do the walk of shame off the bus and find a taxi. Oh well, makes things interesting I suppose. After some acai and shopping, we decided to walk the few kilometers back to the campsite. And I blew out a flip flop. Normally, no big deal–every store in Brazil sells the Haviana brand crappy sandal– but there were no stores at all on our route. And the pavement was so hot I burned the bottom of my foot (yes, I wore my 1 remaining flop). Bode had initially taken off his shoes in solidarity (he prefers to go shoeless nowadays) but quickly realized the burning sensation of the pavement and had his flip flops back on within the block.

Jason, gentleman that he is, let me wear his shoes and he went shoeless.

Eventually, we made it back to the bus, washed our feet, and found some extra shoes.
It was time to move on.

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