We were barely able to get out of the campground early the next morning. The folks behind us set up their tent with the strings under our car. The car next to us had parked so close that they owners knocked their door into our bus getting out the night before.  And, I’m sure everyone appreciated the 7 am backfire we rang out in the middle of all the inching forward and back.

Another interesting note about Brazil, everyone here has a very small car. Also, they are a bit bemused with our 5 point turns without power steering.

Anyway, our plan to sneak out of there with the kid still asleep failed on both the sneaking out and with Bode waking up. But we still got an early start, which we’ve found helpful in covering ground during the holidays.

We were lucky in that there wasn’t much of a line for either of the two ferry rides we took up the coast. We started out on rough dirt roads and little fishing villages, but were later driving through relatively posh vacation destination like Guaratuba.

We finally arrived at Pontal do Sul, the mainland town servicing Ihla do Mel. We had no plan, but drove around for quite a while until we found a sign that said “Camping?” The first time we’ve seen a camp site that posed a question.

It turned out this was the answer we’d been hoping for. Right on the beach, 1 other tent. Ahhh, space.

DSC_6552 DSC_6566 DSC_6570 DSC_6586 DSC_6588 DSC_6605 DSC_6606 DSC_6611 DSC_6617

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