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Back to the Coast

Posted on December 1, 2012 by 3 Comments

We made a quick stop at the Minas Sunday market on the way out of town. A wheel of cheese, lemons, and flips flops. All for about $5 USD. Gotta love a Sunday market.

We back-tracked a bit and drove to the coast. This time detouring around Punte and hitting some gravel that took us to Puebla Jose Ignacio. This is fancy-pants territory.  The entire town seems to have been pulled from the pages of Architectural Digest. Sotheby’s and Christie’s real estate offices await you at the town entrance. We didn’t dare attempt to dine at the lone cafe, but instead gawked at some of the houses and checked out the nice beach. We were wrong earlier… this is Carmel.

A bit farther up the coast and we hit the Laguna Garzon ferry. The old bridge is long gone, but a 15 hp panga strapped to a barge will drag you across the gap for free. Lot’s of wide open coast on this stretch and plenty of places to pull over and have your own beach for the day.

The only up the road is that Laguna de Roche is a dead end. So, you have to drive up and around the lagoon to get to La Paloma.