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Visit Colombia…. Now.

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When planning this trip, I remember saying something like “Well, surely we won’t be going to Colombia, it’s too dangerous.” And, although getting into the country wasn’t easy, and Cartagena was a bit of a let-down, we continually refer to Colombia as one of our favorite countries.

What was it that turned us? Colombia was a continuous surprise, every destination unique. Colombia also has some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. Oh, and the Andes are pretty freakin’ amazing. Especially driving them in an old VW.

 Random mud volcano


The Andes! Getting lost

Hanging out in Villa del leyva


Medellin is just a great place. Friendly people, pleasant weather, beautiful setting, fun stuff to do, great food, good museums, fun things for kids, great shopping, easily available U.S. college football on giant TV screens, an abundance of interesting modern architecture, developing hip international scene, great green spaces, a metro system, live music!, sushi!, avocados the size of your head, interesting historical stuff… And, if you live here you get to be a Paisa!

Like coffee? Visit Salento

Inner Earth. It’s here: Tierradentro

The countryside in San Agustín



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