Junin de los Andes was the first small town we reached in Argentina.  It’s world-renowned for fly-fishing.

We hung out at the river in town all day. It was quiet and relaxing in the morning, but as soon as school let up more and more folks starting showing up. Hundreds of kids, but only a few inner tubes. We have to hand it to Bode – he tried diligently to get a ride. It was a fun for a while, but when the drunks started bugging us, we headed a few miles out of town to camp.

Another river, another batch of kids.  The weather has been so warm it is hard to believe folks back home are in the middle of Christmas shopping.

One thought on “Junin

  • December 20, 2011 at 4:48 PM

    warm + Christmas shopping – where’s the conflict? Pretty normal in the southern hemisphere… It’s only in your adopted perception. LOL
    Have a good one – don’t let the noisy Argentinos bug you too much.

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