We don’t need no education

We enjoyed a beautiful day hiking around Valparaiso.  The hills are steep so we decided to take a funicular up. Always fun. This one is the oldest in Valpo. It wasn’t long before we started hearing drumming and bands, so we headed down for a closer look.

The students of Chile, particularly Valparaiso, are protesting tuition hikes (another similarity between California). We’d heard about this from some American students we met in San Pedro that studied here, but didn’t realize it was still going on. The protest was very organized – by university department.  They even had a clean up crew at the end.

But, hours later, we saw the students throwing rocks and the police squirting them with a hose.

In our own act of protest, we told Bode we would not be eating sushi for the third day in a row, we’d be having Thai take-out. Negotiations didn’t go so well, and I ended up having to get sushi and Thai food.

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