How to Get a Picture of Yourself in the Newspaper Holding a Picture of Yourself in the Newspaper

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Announce to all your friends and family that you are going to do something preposterous.

This serves a few purposes. You can hear yourself say it and explain it out loud enough times that it starts to make sense… or it might help you realize you’re completely full of sh!*. In either case, you’ll probably learn something valuable.

If it’s just crazy enough (and you live in a small enough town) you might get some attention from the local paper. Maybe they’ll come interview you.  Maybe they’ll put your picture in the paper. Smile! Somehow, we ended up on the front page.



Assuming your hometown is small enough, you might send them an update after a few years to let them know you actually went through with it and haven’t been kidnapped or dissolved your marriage. They might even have a feature in the paper where they publish photos of people ‘reading’ their paper in other parts of the world. Take along your front page spread, big shot.

Lest you think we’re major narcissists, we haven’t been carrying around newspaper clippings of ourselves for the entire trip. We came across the paper when were purging more of our belongings from Angela’s parent’s house over the holidays. It was either chunk it or pack it. It was small enough – we packed it.

And, many thanks to Mike C. for providing the newspapers clippings/scans!

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  1. Mike & Maria says:

    Way cool! You guys are rock stars in Alameda :-)

    Take care & have fun!


  2. Jen-Mo says:

    You’re like Russian nesting dolls!

  3. rudy says:

    pretty cute, I’d say.

  4. Dougie Fresh says:


  5. Nick Romaniello says:

    I really hope to see a picture of a 7 or 8 year old bode in Ushuaia or Cape Town or St Petersburg or wherever, in “the sun shines everywhere” holding a picture of himself in the newspaper, holding a picture of himself in the newspaper, holding a picture of himself in the newspaper.

  6. Becky says:

    I hella heart this!

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