After some logistical wrangling (more on this later), we hopped the Ollanta-Aguas Calientes train. Nice train.

Based on some other people’s descriptions, this town was supposed to be a tourist pit to be avoided. Aside from the fact that you can hardly avoid it to visit Machu Picchu, it really isn’t all that bad of a place. It’s no traditional Incan village, but what else would you expect?

You could spend $1000 a night on a hotel room here if you wanted, but we found one for $18 USD. There are fancy tourist trap restaurants, but there’s cheap chifa too.  I hear that 3000 tourists a day come through here, so there’s something for everyone.

Up the hill from the town is another hot springs. Not a bad place to end up after a day’s hike.

One thought on “Aguas

  • April 29, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    Here kitty. kitty. kitty…someone needs to put a leash on that cat and get it off the tracks! Cute.

    The hot spring looks like the late night place to be.

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