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Feliz Aniversário, Angela!

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  1. Martin diz:

    Happy Birthday Angela hope it is a good one :)

  2. Robert e Shauri diz:

    Happy birthday Angela. Looks like Ya’ll are having a blast.

  3. Ron diz:

    Parabéns Angela

    Oh to be 29 and on the road.

    Your big brother.

  4. Bree diz:

    Happy birthday to you, my dear friend!

  5. Microfone & Maria diz:

    Parabéns Angela, hope you have a fun day!


  6. Jad diz:

    Feliz aniversário!

    Have a fantastic birthday, Angela. Saúde!

  7. Juergen diz:

    Happy birthday from me (unknown in person)!

    There must be something special about the 5th of November, as my ex girlfriend, Coen from (currently in Brazil), and Luis from (shipping soon from Panama) all share this date for their birthday!!!

    have a nice partythe Colombians know how to celebrate

  8. Dina diz:

    Happy Belated Birthday Angela. Hope your day was fabulous.

  9. laurawp diz:

    Feliz Cumpleano (tarde!) mi amiga, mama y esposa muy especial! Pressagiar & Jason are 2 super lucky dudes, but they already know this, direito?! Sorry for being late, but we were in your old stompin grounds this weekend for a wedding.
    Can’t wait to see you soon~Cheers! :)

  10. laurawp diz:

    ok, just to clarifyyou’re not “meu” special friend, mamãe & spouse, mas “A ” special friend, mamãe & spouse…..just trying to cover all the bases!

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