Dropping into Medellín

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Medellin has got to be one of my favorite cities. I could with absolutely no doubt, happily live here.

That’s kind of what we are doing now, I guess. We’ve been here for a week as of today and aren’t in any hurry to leave. We will soon – we’ve actually planned it – so no danger of getting completely sucked in.

We fall behind on the blog sometimes – we drove through the mountains to get here from Honda a week ago. It was a long, fun day’s drive that ended with a 1000 meter white-knuckled descent into Medellin. Good thing we got the brakes fixed.

To catch up since then, here’s my week’s observations…

Medellin is just a great place. Friendly people, pleasant weather, beautiful setting, fun stuff to do, great food, good museums, fun things for kids, great shopping, easily available U.S. college football on giant TV screens, an abundance of interesting modern architecture, developing hip international scene, great green spaces, a metro system, live music!, sushi!, avocados the size of your head, interesting historical stuff… And, if you live here you get to be a Paisa!

There you go, we’re all caught up.

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  1. strubbe says:

    WOW – that looks awesome. was that parasailing?

  2. rudy says:

    I must be kinda slow, but when I saw the photo of you hang-gliding, I suddenly realized you’ve been on VACATION FOR A WHOLE YEAR and I’m feeling a little jealous.

  3. jason says:

    we live in a van down by the river, if it makes you feel any better ;)

  4. Bumblebus says:

    Tandem paragliding! Nice work Jason! Medellin is now added to my list of places to paraglide. I’ve paraglided all over the US, but it’s time to broaden my horizons. :)

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