Vino y Fósiles

We’d been anxiously awaiting the wines of South America. We hadn’t expected vineyards in Colombia, however. Vinedo Ain Karim was 15 miles out of town, with beautiful views and an impressive winery. Jason and I bought a glass each and sat outside marveling at the beautiful day. How is the Colombian wine? We were glad we didn’t order a bottle – we need to get much farther south.

Naturally, after wine tasting comes dinosaur skeletons. This kronosaurus was found in this exact location by a farmer tending his land. They built a museum around him, and added some of the millions of fossils from when this area was the sea.

What’s cool about this guy, is that he’s aquatic. All these fossils were (mostly mollusks), and we’re high in the mountains, a good 9 hour drive, over 2 more mountain ranges,  from the nearest sea.

One thought on “Vino y Fósiles

  • October 20, 2010 at 9:23 AM

    If Napa had a khronosaurus, then I might think it was cool…looks like a fun day!

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