Getting Warmer

We drove for over 3 hours  and the first hour was just through Acapulco. The same nerve-racking driving experience as the day before, but this time with the Bulli’s closely following us. There are no lanes and oh so many honking horns and sirens. Buses squeeze through places you’d never imagine they could, inches away from my face and I feared the side mirrors would surely be taken off.

DSC_3218 DSC_3216

DSC_3234 DSC_3200

Finally through the madness we headed down the coast. The weather is getting hotter and hotter and we are in a constant sweat. The only A/C for the day is a brief stop for groceries. Hours later, we pulled into Playa Ventura which is only about 70 miles from where we started.  Winding roads, miscellaneous farm animals and topes really slow down a drive.

We found another palapa restaurant to camp at and sat in the shade trying to cool off. The waves were too strong and breaking right on the shore, so we couldn’t take the kids in for a swim. They were happy to play in the sand though.

DSC_3238 DSC_3254

DSC_3241 DSC_3246

Camping is free if you eat at the restaurant. There was no menu – you get shrimp or fish. Ane’s a vegetarian. She’s pregnant and luckily her baby was wanting some fish. We ordered up some of each, and the fish came out heads and all. Ane was a trouper and ate it. I had to have Jason dissect it for me.

There was no breeze that night, and it was uncomfortably hot in the buses. We almost got the kids to sleep in the hammocks, but they just couldn’t do it. It was so hot that Jason got out and tried it at 2 am, but couldn’t sleep in them either.

The next morning the heat was still stifling and I took 2 showers to cool off.  We headed out as soon as we could, but no one was moving very fast.

One thought on “Getting Warmer

  • May 19, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    Hey Bro,
    Sounds like some of the camping trips we took to Fredericksburg. Hot and sticky. At least you guys are by the ocean. Great pictures, looks like Bode is having a blast. Enjoy your selves, looking forward to seeing you guys.

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