Last week we were lucky enough to spend a couple days in The Big Easy. While there are abundant tour companies happy to take your money for a ‘Katrina Tour’ or ‘Swamp Tour,’ we were happy just to walk around town and see the sights. And we did a lot of walking… and eating.

The food in this city is pretty amazing.  Menu items often include frog legs, alligator, and ingredients like ‘debris.’ We ate well, but no fried gator.

DSC_6463 DSC_6469

DSC_6471 DSC_6482

The Big Easy is one of the only towns we know of where it’s perfectly normal to see someone walking down the street carrying a tuba.

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Day Two began with a trolley ride around town and a visit to the aquarium. It’s expensive but it was one of the better fish houses I’ve seen. We got to pet a nurse shark and a sting ray. Unfortunately, the rays weren’t coming to the surface much (where Bode’s little arms could reach.) Then a school group came to the tank and the workers were a little quick to rush us along.

Lunch was a po’boy at the recommended Mother’s Restaurant. They claim to have the world’s best baked ham. I’m not a ham lover, but it was great.

Despite Bode’s food allergies, he got to sample the beignets from Cafe du Monde.  I just couldn’t say no. They are covered in powdered sugar and after they put your order into a bag, they dump another cup of sugar on them in the bag. You can’t eat them without being completely covered.

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Of course, there are street performers on every corner. Bode helped earn tips for one particular puppeteer. He had quite a crowd gathered.

I can’t decide if New Orleans is more beautiful in the daylight or at night.

Both Jason and I have been to New Orleans a few times. We both went as children, and walking down Bourbon Street at night with a child brought back Jason’s memory of doing the same with his parents. He was 8 and really excited because he saw boobs.  He didn’t see any this night.

DSC_6549 DSC_6556


A few months after we started dating, we drove with a van full of friends to Mardi Gras. We stayed with someone’s brother and  slept on the floor of an efficiency apartment with 12 others.  That was a good time, but  nothing like this trip.  Traveling with a kid puts a whole new perspective on everything, and I love it.

With the early sunset, evening walks were pretty exciting with Bode. The old buildings and voodoo shops gave a fun and eerie feel. Live music blared from the bars and street corners. Bode loved New Orleans; and this was my favorite trip there yet.

2 thoughts on “Nawlins

  • December 10, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    Hey Guys!

    Thank you for this blog entry. We’re now in south Florida and are going to head to Texas tomorrow. We were interested in New Oreans but so many people told us that it might not be safe and that our chances of getting broken into were very high. We since had decided to bypass it.

    Your post is giving us thoughts of yet again revising our plans. Where did you park and camped? Do you think we should “risk” it? We’ve never been and would love to go but we are a little afraid of getting a bad experience…

    Either way, we should be on track to meet with you around Dec 20th or so.

    Happy trails!

  • December 16, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    Doing the swamp tour is a touristy thing to do, but worth it IMO if you go again. My husband went with his niece and nephew who were 13 and 8 at the time and they all had a blast.

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